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A small little hick town in north western Ontario with about 20 Trailor parks. It is also a connection between western and eastern Canada, as it is close to the center of Canada and is on the Trans-Canada highway.
"did you stop in Dryden?"
"yeah man, but only to grab a slurpee. they don't even have a f-ckin' B.K. dayum."
by somewhitekid September 25, 2006
Someone who is extremely repulsive, disgusting, idiotic, a waste of life, tries to fit in where he isn't wanted, who tries to be a big man but constantly fails because he hasn't developed muscles yet, whose voice sounds like that of Alvin from Alvin and the chipmunks, and is the size of Plankton from Sponge-bob, is the cancer of the human race and deserves to be wiped off the face of the earth immediately. This word is not to be taken lightly and is very offensive.
-"Oh my God! I can't believe you just murdered these children. You are such a Jawad."

-"I hereby arrest you on several accounts of being Jawadish"
by Somewhitekid May 13, 2014
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