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For someone who grew up in a town where you had to worry about being kidnapped, stabbed, beaten and mugged, not a bad place to grow up.

Maybe the people are snobby, and that's wrong, but having snotty neighbors beats having neighbors that raped the little girl that moved into your old house.

Being rich, drunk and snobby is obnoxious, but complaining about how rich drunk and snobby everyone else is and about how boring it is here is pretty obnoxious, too.

Be thankful for what you've got and what you haven't had to put up with and worry about for the last however many years and shut the fuck up.

Chatham is a nice place, Chatham High School is a great school (number two in the state) and the drinking, cheating and snobbery happens in any other suburban high school. A much better definition would be whiny, rich kids who don't appreciate what they've got.
I'm glad we moved to Chatham so that I could get a damned good education and not have to worry about elementary school knife fights.
by somethingdotwhat April 17, 2005

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