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1. The south part of brookline that borders West Roxbury. Primarily a rich community of kids that steal alcohol from Putterham Market, get with freshman girls, and have parents that pull in $5mil ever year, but the fact of the matter is that some of the five-person homes in sobro are cheaper than ones in other parts of brookline. In sobro, there is also the large, mediocre condo complex hancock village. Most of the people that live there are Koreans who are working in america for a year and want their kids to go to a good public school, but there are also many in hancock village who can't afford to live elsewhere.
Famous spots: Putterham Market, Mandarin Gourmet, and Cheryl Ann's.

2. South Bronx. Totally different story.
1. I live in sobro, my parents make $15,000 a year, I don't drink or do drugs, and I'm a decent kid.

2. I live in the South Bronx, also known as Sobro.
by somereallysillykid August 30, 2008

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