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An Absurd system of satalites, antiballistic missiles, lasers, mirrors, and ground based intercepter missiles...capable of targeting and neutralizing any incoming missiles, through the use of a three stage system, within two to three hours of the missiles having hit their targets...

...well let's see, two to three hours for the targeting system to lock onto a missile at any given point, and about 30 minutes for that missile to hit its target...(and yes I have a source on this, someone who wrote the guidance program for SDI)
*obviously a very effective, and certianly real, non-made-up, program, not an excuse for embesselment(**sarcasm**)
-SDI relied on non-existant technology and computer systems that didn't yet exist

...The National Missile Defense, under GeorgeW., is not SDI, and in fact has no connection to it at all. It is a much more realistic approach to grounding incoming balistic missiles, that relies soley on ground based missiles, similar to the patriot missiles. Despite its complete lack of success in intercepting missiles, it is a much more convincing method of embesselment. And while the only succesful test was fixed, it is a promissing tool, that can at somepoint in the distant future, be used to counter the true threat to National Security in the modern world, the Evil Soviet Union (*no wait*) (*that doesn't exist anymore*)
The Strategic Defense Initiative Was A Realistic National Security Measure, relying on Space based laser power, and the pentium4 processor(quick no one tell Reagan, that it didn't exist in the '80s)
by someoneWhoKnows June 09, 2004
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