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Somebody who loves heavy metal. Don't always have the "look". And it's not even necessary to listen to just the classic metal bands, you can listen to the subgenres. You just have to appreciate the genre as a whole.
Chris is a metalhead.
#heavy metal #music #person #black sabbath #slayer
by someone from new york January 24, 2009
An "original" indie/emo band. SDRE, along with the other bands in the 1980s that first started emo, they are very awesome and actually talented unlike the "emo" crap we now have on MTV.
I love Sunny Day Real Estate, but I HATE that My Chemical Romance crap on MTV.
#indie #emo #cool #awesome #talent
by someone from new york January 21, 2009
OK, there's a lot of definitions that say that hot topic is "poser". Shopping at Hot Topic doesn't make you a poser. You just like their clothes. But if you shop there and think you're original, then you are a poser. They sell merch from some bands like Ramones, the Clash and Metallica, and it's pretty much the only store in the mall that sells band merch. But they are kind of expencive.
I just got an awesome pair of Converse and a Metallica shirt at Hot Topic.
#store #mall #alternative #preppy #hot topic
by someone from new york December 24, 2008
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