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a genre of music that originated in the late 1960's. it has roots in blues music , psychedelic rock , and hard rock. the first ever heavy metal bands are black sabbath and led zeppelin . in the late 70's , due to the influence of punk rock , the subgenres NWOBHM ( new wave of british heavy metal ) and thrash metal were formed. then , thousands of subgenres such as death metal and black metal started coming out.fans of heavy metal are known as " metalheads " and " headbangers " .
traditional heavy metal : black sabbath , led zeppelin
thrash metal : slayer, anthrax
NWOBHM : motorhead , iron maiden
death metal : death , cannibal corpse
progressive metal : dream theater , queensryche
black metal : venom , mercyful fate
by someguywhomakesdefinitions May 16, 2007
one of the few nu metal bands that are actually good. when they first started out , they made a unique sound that many shitty nu metal bands tried to copy, gave a big " fuck you " to the music industry , and put lots of energy and emotion into their work . but now ,they're complete sellouts. why ? because now they're the exact opposite of what they once were. now they sound like some kind of shitty pop music band and practically suck the music industry's cock. oh well ....
nu metal sucks, the only good bands are korn , slipknot , and disturbed.
by someguywhomakesdefinitions May 16, 2007

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