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things that are dumb enough to try and diet by having three Big Macs, an extra-large set of fries extra salty, a Diet Coke, and a salad. things that are dumb enough to eat it all, talk on a cell phone, navigate a map, and drive down the interstate at the same time. things that are dumb enough to have sex and then blame the doctor for having the kid. things that are dumb enough to pay $3.00 a gallon for gas to drive three blocks while their bike is sittin in the attic collecting dust. things that call drinking eight beers at 3 am and then passing out a "good night's sleep". things that are dumb enough to get their three-year-old GTA San Andreas and leave them alone in the house.
People are so stupid, but hey, who cares?
by someguyudontcareabout May 12, 2006
tapping your fingers in a rhythm, playing your "drumset", and is most commonly found because the person who is doing it is bored or becoming impatient. can also be done with slaps.
The only thing that sucks worse than taking the SAT is taking it while listening to the guy behind you do his fingerdrumming like he thinks he's got skills of an actual drummer.
by someguyudontcareabout April 22, 2006

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