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2 definitions by someguy3692006

The act of receiving a gummer (no tooth blow job) while defecating.
"yo, you're grandma's a pro at giving out gumpkins!"
by someguy3692006 August 02, 2006
8 2
Generic term for any grotesque substance, object or action. Including but not restricted to the following:

1. Semen/Load
2. Ejaculation
3. Defecation/Feces
4. Testicles
1. "Last time I jacked off I got my lloyd all over myself."

2. "I lloyded all over that chick!"

3. "I gotta go take a massive lloyd."

4. "Dude that guy just showed me his lloyds. They were weird lookin'."
by someguy3692006 August 21, 2006
28 95