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2 definitions by some_one

Typically a Hmong guy that is easy to fall in love with. Once you disappoint him, he tries to forgive you, but never truly does. It's hard to forget about him. He's the best poet & is really sweet & quiet. Don't let that fool you, he is fun to be around & gets a little crazy. He's very over protective. If you have a Yintsichi, keep him & be happy with him.
Person 1: Have you talked to Yintsichi?
Person 2: No, I changed schools & he decided to never talk to me again.
Person 1: What a bitch!
Person 2: Hell yeah, but I still love him.
by Some_One November 08, 2013
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also known as blazey_x, an Australian Socom 2 player who uses the au.playstation.com forums. Despite his coolness he always seems to get a bad reputation from hanging around HD DiO M iMP etc Always has a great sig and is pro at photoshop. Dislikes oggob for removing his sig.
I was better at Socom 1.
by some_one April 27, 2005
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