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3 definitions by some guy1

Basically, the act of the Dutch Oven, but gone wrong. Instead of the other persons head being held underneath the covers, you find your own head underneath the covers, forcing you to inhale your own gasses.
Man1: Dude, did you give your girlfriend that Dutch Oven, as you told me you would?

Man2: Yeah, I tried, but she managed to turn it into a dutch oven suicide and trapped me underneath the blankets after I farted, I vomited for an hour.
by Some guy1 April 06, 2012
7 1
The act of wearing an undergarment i.e. Underwear, boxers, panties for at least a week but can exceed a month. May also be soiled in some way and or be accompanied by a smell.
I liked the guy until i found out that he is known for his marathon underwear and it's stench.
by some guy1 June 14, 2010
4 1
an areia in a house or dorme such as a kitchen or bathroom cleaned to a standerd so strict it is as if a nazi held a gun to someone of the jouish faith and said this better be really clean or i'll blow your brains out.
holy fuck that bathroom is nazi clean
by some guy1 February 02, 2010
2 6