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4 definitions by soma

greenery, as green as grass
The earth looks shyamal after the rains.
by Soma June 21, 2006
Rays or light of the moon
Its a full moon night today, somdeep is brightening the otherwise dark night.
by Soma June 18, 2006
Firstly Soma is my name, a kurdish girl's name.
it can also be a hungarian boy's name (i don't like to mention that)
also a cool drug, good song and so on.
Hey Soma, how are you?
I smoked some somas last night, wow man!
by Soma February 04, 2004
someone who sucks
"u suck man!" "theyre such a bunch of suckers" "bath sucks" "that thing sucks"
"its a good sucker"
by soma January 25, 2003