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Something so not funny that it makes you mentally vomit. When these kind of unfunny moments come up in a croud of people then the person who says it gets it ripped.
-When the chicken crosses the ro....
-hideously unfunny
by solomonf January 11, 2009
Something that is of such low quality it becomes worse than horse shit and dog shit put together.
-Have you tried Better buy orange juice?
Yes, its horse dog!
by solomonf January 11, 2009
Hebris is a way of showing a friend or companion your appreciation towards them in a quick but respectful manner. Hebris can be combined with a signature hand gesture so that outsiders would automatically be aware that Hebris appreciation is currently being shown.

Although Hebris can be a sign of joy and content with another person it can also be used in hurtful manners. When this other meaning of Hebris is used then inanimate objects can be included.
-i just passed my driving test
Hebris my friend, hebris
click fingers and high five
by solomonf August 11, 2009
When you are reloading on an FPS and have no time to tell someone that you are reloading then a time saving mechanism would be to say r-load. Even though reload is the exact same amount of syllables as r-load i can assure you that it is much faster to say.

This technique is also used on the word grenade to make r-nade.

The word stems from r-tard which is used on the famous episode of southpark "Make love, not Warcraft"
-Shoot him you prick!
Am fucking r-loading!
by solomonf January 11, 2009
A lurch describes a person who is socially inept. This can be with girls, guys, new people or all three. The degree of their lurcheyness is usually specified by an adjective with lurch commonly being the latter.

Examples of adding an adjective would be:

-Uber lurch
-Super lurch

The word lurch originates from the Adams family character Lurch. Lurch was known for looking like Frankenstein and also for making inarticulate moans as a way of talking.
-Look at the person over there sat quietly in the corner
-Haha what a lurch!
by solomonf August 11, 2009
Like a "tit wank" but more devious
What is you? Some kind of tit flank
Looks like a tit flank to me
Are you a tit flank with a tude
by solomonf September 04, 2007
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