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A widly known sex foreplay.

One of the participants (usually the female) crumbles up Cheese and Onion crisps onto his/her nipples. Once this has been done, the other participant licks and sucks on the nipples of the other to get all of the crisp crumbs off.
Participant 1: Oh man, am I ever hungry and horny
Participant 2: Ooh, lets do the Harry-Bethany. I'll get the crisps *winks*
Participant 1: You know me so well...
by solidsquid May 24, 2013
A special game of enjoyment and pleasure.

For 2 or more player(s).

Player 1 lays down onto a table of sorts (preferably a miniature football table, as it adds to the enjoyment), completely naked. Their legs must be wide open.

Player 2 tickles their sexual organs (if Player 1 is male, the scrotom more than the penis itself). For added sexual enjoyment, the tongue can be used to tickle the ticklee. Other Players may join if needed.
Player 1: "Hey, baby. I just got this football table and I...thought this was a good...opertunity to play...." *begins to unzip his fly*
Player 2: "No more speaking...I've been wating to play Tickleball with you ever since we did the Harry-Bethany last night."
by solidsquid June 03, 2013

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