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1. To be the epitomy of a waffler, the one who waffles above all others.

2. Something that cause so many people to waffle (or raffle) that it can only be described as the 'wafflage'.
1. With his constant ROFLs in CS:S, bloodlet had clearly established himself as the wafflage.

2. Hippo's nonstop TK's of Riss in the Scrim last night was the wafflage.
by solidefy March 03, 2005
A regtard is a Counter-Strike (or any FPS game for that matter) player that plays regularly on a public server and generally makes an ass out of themselves the entire time.

This type of person is prone to typing things like "OH NOES I'M DEAD!!!" and "OMFG soandso's a h4x0r!!!".

More often than not they are under the age of 17 and live in Canada.
"(ADMIN-ONLY) dYn mfspolo: Oh no, Shadow Knight just connected, he's such a friggin regtard."
by solidefy April 21, 2005

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