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the most annoying raging idiots on this planet. they defend what could quite possibily be the worst band of ALL TIME.
They cant sing, have laughable guitar crap and use the same stupid recycled disney mainstream get the parents money garbage in every song. disney used to be a respectable company- until they sold out to get into the wallets of middle aged parents. They signed miley and the jo bros- i bet walt disney would turn over in his grave if he saw what a money grubbing sham his company has become.
A typical jo bro fan in third person for you: "omg dude yeah like da jo bros so totally hot so totally totally like YEAH. 1 minute later TOTAL"
A guy with a brain: "Shut up you jo bro idiot. Those talentless jokes only wish they had the talent of such a band as Dream Theater. Who you will never hear cause your too busy listening to recycled mainstream garbage!"
`Jo bro idiot walks away`
Jonas Brothers fan noob!
by soldier in the army of metal September 03, 2009

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