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2 definitions by solarecreator

Beautiful, strong, intelligent title character from Ladyhawke. Cursed to be cruelly parted from her lover as she is a hawk by day and a woman by night and he is a wolf by night and a man by day.
a: Isabeau refused the bishop and was punished.
by solarecreator February 02, 2010
A form of movie martial arts where a tiny, pretty girl gives a beating to opponents much bigger than her who in real life would tear her apart.

A subtrope of Pintsized Powerhouse. Often used by the Action Girl, Faux Action Girl, Hot Amazon, Little Miss Badass, and Lady of War. Very common among characters of the Mary Sue variety. Compare to the Cute Bruiser who uses a completely different style of combat. - tvtropes.org

see Babydoll in Suckerpunch, River in Firefly, Chun Li in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
"Did you see how that ballerina took out that gang member?"

"Yeah, she used some beautifully choreographed waif-fu."
by solarecreator November 26, 2011