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3 definitions by soiledbrown

a stinky ass fart that has a delayed smell due to the layers of Carhartt clothing worn in cold climates.
"holy shit, did you fuckin fart?"

as the Carhartt bibs are unzipped..."like 2 hours ago, Carhartt fart duh!"
by soiledbrown January 20, 2011
the Heimlich Cough occurs any time the female partner coughs during intercourse. The vagina constricts tight around the penis resulting in ejaculation and sometimes a dog knot.
I was about to pull out when Gina Heimlich Coughed and made me jizz again.
by soiledbrown March 16, 2011
similar to reverse cowgirl, but the penetration is anal.
sheila was on her period so we did the muddy pony instead.
by soiledbrown February 12, 2011