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Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Contrary to the dated, stereotypical, and retarded definition that is currently at the top of the list, the SPCA is a non-kill shelter that helps dogs, cats, and other companion animals find their forever home. The SPCA is a nationwide organization with thousands of shelters around the country, which is serviced by both paid employees and volunteers. The SPCA as a whole is referred to as the ASPCA (American SPCA).
I know this information because I work at the SPCA of Jefferson County, NY. I doubt the editors will delete the current definition so let my definition get more votes so it can reach the top! Publish my definition so people can learn the truth!
#animal rights #charity #non-profit #forever home #volunteering
by softkitty408 August 27, 2012
Abbreviation for Oh My God Happy Birthday. Implemented by overly-excited teenyboppers on social networking sites. Variations include but are not limited to OMFGHB (Oh My F***in' God Happy Birthday), HCHB (Holy Crap Happy Birthday), HSHB (Holy S*** Happy Birthday), etc.
Facebook: Today is Sarah Smith's birthday (16 years old)
Random 15-year-old Girl: OMGHB!!!
Sarah Smith: I don't speak teenybopper.
#abbreviation #omg #happy birthday #acronym #teenybopper
by softkitty408 September 04, 2012
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