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A large, scratchy, asshole-stretching turd-bomb, followed by a more comfortably sliding-out fecal extrusion. The bear, large and combative, all claws and fangs, makes a big splash as he enters the water, before giving way to the dachshund, designed for slipping easily through holes in the snow to retrieve downed quail.
I feel better now after seeing The Bear and the Dachshund
#floater #depth charge #barbed turd #heli-coil #barney rubble
by sofacall July 22, 2009
The untanned characteristic of men's upper legs from having worn longer shorts and trunks while in the presence of the beneficial rays of the sun. It does not usually occur in women or non-Americans, whose beach attire is usually quite brief.
When he sat down, Joey's shorts revealed a major case of guy-thigh.
#tan line #lily white #trucker tan #farmer tan #red neck
by sofacall July 22, 2009
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