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someone who likes to get fucked by one cock after another

"Lisa was the main attraction in a 15-man gangbang. She would ride one cock for a few minutes then go to the next. She's the best cock surfer I've ever seen."
by sockboy666 July 14, 2009
Any man that can put up with the bitchiness, moodiness, and bullshit of a woman when she's on her period and still retain his sanity.
Example of a Menstrual Stormtrooper:

"My bitch has been ragging for the last 3 weeks, and if she don't take any fucking Midol I'm going to go Darth Vader on her ass!"
by sockboy666 July 14, 2009
a girl that enjoys being fucked by a plastic bottle after giving a blowjob

Plastic water bottles are usually the choice of a bottle twat, especially the ones that are ribbed, but soda bottles will work just as good
ME: I went out with Chasity last night.

BOB: Did you fuck her?

ME: Not really. She sucked me off then wanted me to fuck her, so I grabbed my Sprite and crammed it up her bottle twat.
by sockboy666 July 14, 2009

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