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1. Something which spreads from one person or group to another with comparative ease.

2. An indication of time.
1. The H1N1 influenza virus is extremely contagious.

2. I saw a man trying to paint a house with a 4 inch brush. I will take the contagious.
by sociopath9 January 22, 2010
A woman picked up at a bar LATE one night that you wake up in bed with the next morning - and who is so horrifically ugly and down right repugnant - that you would rather a dingo gnawed your arm off so you can escape, than wake her up by moving it.
I woke up with this dingo woman last Saturday morning and barely escaped with bachelorhood intact.
by sociopath9 January 19, 2010
Token, clueless female added to a TV show to fulfil the female demographic, the show having obvious masculine appeal with said female likely to be of more interest to the viewers than some 450HP motor going into an old Chev.

See - "eye candy".
The token cunt on the Rebuilders show managed to break a nail while sanding a panel - and was immediately swarmed with compassionate (and sweaty) male co-workers, offering sympathy.
by sociopath9 January 20, 2010
Synonym for unwanted person or group not able to take hints about going away and leaving people alone.

Has been referred to a certain class of whinging immigrants (Poms - see Brit, Limey, English).
Why are poms like haemorhoids? They come out, are a pain in the arse and they wont go back.
by sociopath9 April 15, 2009
1. An indication of personal preference, sometimes anonymous, design to effect the outcome of an event or choice or events.

2. Something you do to give yourself a nice warm feeling, but no one really notices.
Dont vote, it only encourages them.
by sociopath9 January 22, 2010
Any act that makes you feel good, but is unlikely to be noticed by anyone.

See Voting.
Jack: Did you vote yesterday?

Jill: No. Voting is like peeing in a wetsuit - your get a nice warm feeling but nobody really notices.

Jack: Ah, the wet suit syndrome.
by sociopath9 January 22, 2010
Policeman, copper, flatfoot
I was just doing 10km over the speed limit when I got gunged by the traffic gungibles.
by sociopath9 January 19, 2010
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