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everyone should meet this person, a great guy and a great friend. Cares and supports other people in whatever and is always there for them.loving and you feel amazing with him. Makes your day, and makes you feel like you ave butterflies. a great boyfriend
Brandon's everything I wanted him to be
by soccachick238 March 19, 2009
a crazy mix of emotions that have a heartbeat
Life is so frustrating today!

I can't believe my life...

Ahh, what is life?
by soccachick238 March 19, 2009
One strong person. kind and compassionate and never seems to let you give up on yourself. someone everyone should be able to meet at least once, gives great advice. Someone who always encourages you to go for your dreams.
Maybe you should try being more like Katie.

Katie makes everyone all smiley.
by soccachick238 March 22, 2009
a weird sensation whenever your around someone. something that makes you smile, cheer, laugh, and gives you those butterflies. When it goes bad, breaks, tears, and rots in your heart. Not an easy thing to let go.
Ahhh love:)

And I loved him with all my heart, until he decided to throw it behind him.
by soccachick238 March 22, 2009

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