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2 definitions by snowspark6

name for a female you and two other friends do kinky sexual shit to at the same time, the act of fucking a chick with two other buddies, also the celebratory cry you call out to your bros when the three of you see each other after gangbanging a chick
"Guys, check it out! Isn't that tri-cock over there?" "Yeah, sure is man." "Haha, maybe we should go talk to her and see if she wants three cocks in her again, haha." slap, slap, slap, "tri-cock!" all three high five and yell together
by snowspark6 September 06, 2008
blowjob/fellatio, a bout of oral sex
"Hey man, did you fuck that chick last night?" "Naw, but she beaked me off and I'll prolly fuck her next time we hook up." "Was it at least a good round of beak?" "Yeah, best beaking I've had in a while."
by snowspark6 September 06, 2008