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A usually temporary psychological inability to begin or continue writing code / programming.
I just can't figure out how to approach this new programming project. Should I use PHP? Should I build it myself or look for some libraries I can use? I think I have coder's block.

I've been struggling with coder's block for the past few weeks, and after staring blankly all day at some really ugly code I wrote a while back that uses PHP, MySQL, and regex, it finally started clicking with me again and I was able to update it. I got it back now, baby!
by snowscape January 09, 2011
A Facebook friend who clicks the "like" button on nearly everything you post.
Yeah, this guy that I just friended on Facebook is a like-stalker - he keeps liking all my status updates. Not sure if he's a true stalker or just stalker-ish... but, he is kinda cute...
by snowscape January 01, 2011
When you've had sex with someone but for one reason or another, neither of you reached orgasm. This leaves you feeling afterwards like you haven't had sex even though you have; frequently this means you want more.
Bro 1: Dude, why are you still thinking about her, didn't you two get it on at that party a few weeks ago? Move on, man!

Bro 2: Yeah, but we got interrupted before we could finish. Unrequited sex just leaves me wanting more.
by snowscape October 09, 2011
A state of being that a former lover takes on once you've had sex with someone new and are no longer pining over the previous relationship.
I had such a great time with Jim last night, I don't know what I was thinking being so upset about Phillippe dumping me like that... I think being with Jim finally sexercised Phillippe from my mind once and for all!
by snowscape September 26, 2011
Describes a situation where something has two meanings to you, both of which warm your heart.
Cousin 1: You know, you've become like a sister to me!
Cousin 2: Awww, I'm touched that you feel that way, plus I feel like I've gained a sister! It puts me between a pillow and a soft place!

Guy: Being with you makes me want to be a better person.
Gal: I'm between a pillow and a soft place hearing you say that.
by snowscape January 09, 2011
When you've met so many new people lately you can no longer keep anyone's name straight. Even friends and family members whom you've known a long time are not exempt.
Friend 1: "Hi to Megan and James!"

Friend 2: "Not James...Michael dearie! James is my sister's son."

Friend 1: "Ooops, I am so sorry. I've been meeting a lot of new people lately, I must be suffering from name overload."
by snowscape December 07, 2010
Someone who attends the Burning Man Festival or a rave and decorates themself in copious amounts of feathers. Inevitably some of the feathers fall off and become moop, littering the environment and irritating their more environmentally-conscious campmates. Related to the Sparkle Pony.
Burner #1: Damn, was a bird killed over here? What's with all the feathers?
Burner #2: Nah, I think it's just moop leftover from a bunch of rave chickens dancing.
by snowscape September 29, 2011
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