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2 definitions by snowl0ver

Having such a long, wild, athletic sex session with so many positions that you feel like you just got a serious workout at the gym.
Ursula: Wow, girl. You look exhausted. What have you been up to?
Maria: My man just spent the last 12 hours doing naughty sexnastics with me. I need a nap!
Ursula: Now I know why he's in such good shape.
by snowl0ver June 17, 2011
A drink made with hot chocolate, Kahlua, rum, and peppermint schnapps. It was rumored to be created at Kirkwood ski resort by a ninja to warm up cold snow ninjas after a long day enjoying powder.
Cold Guy: Bartender, give me a peppermint patty.
Bartender: Did you really just order that?
Cold Guy: What? I wasn't finished yet! That is for my girl. I'll take a hot ninja pirate.
by snowl0ver February 22, 2011