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Rich preppy kids whos parents pay $25,000 a year to buy their way into a good college. The boys sport lacoste polos with popped collars (collars down are for poor people) khakies, oaklys, north face, reefs and drive around in Mercedes and Range Rovers. The girls have so much Tiffanys hanging all over them they could open a store. She too will be wearing the shortest skirt she can find, lacoste with a popped collar also, birks or reefs, and talk with the worst Jersey accent ever driving in the Lexus SUV that Daddy bought her. Mobeard kids enjoy hanging in the ghetto and blasting rap music that they have no idea what it means. However, they also hold up their lighters and get stoned to Phish. Ditching class to catch sun on the quad results in a Saturday detention that everyone goes hung over to. For some reason they are all obsessed with Cluck U. Weekends are spent partying at someones house and crashing there for the night. Teachers, beware, dont give students attitudes or there surely will be a phone call from the parents waiting for you the next day.
Morristown Beard kids... the true definition of rich, preppy, suburbanites.
by snowbearder April 28, 2005

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