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1 definition by snoopaloop92109

Someone who screams attention through many discrete means at the expense of others.

1)Text Message - The attention whore message is delivered to someone that is currently dating or was dating. Alternatively, they are half assed friendships that they can’t seem to shelve because they are attention whores.
Their text would be a message of curiosity commonly inquiring what you are doing but ultimately is a sad form of attention to see how much interest is still there. The clear distinction between honest inquiries is follow through. “Let’s meet up some time” OK!. Also, the text has a tendency to end abruptly because you have already satisfied their needs of whoredom. This can be devastating to some or a bit of an annoyance to others depending on how much you give a shit.
*WARNING: Apathy breeds more texts. Attention whores sense they are losing you and will continue to text until you back in the vicious cycle of random texts or you drop them completely.
2) Taco Shop -“Let’s go home and get naked!” Attention whores are notorious for making random remarks to see if their male counterpart will actually come home and touch a boob or two when in actuality the man gets no play at all. The attention whore passes out snoring and regrets whole thing via text the next day. A.W - “Did we kiss?” Apathetic Man – “No, I just placed it in the butt”
3) Party Scene – “You know out of all the people I met in San Diego, you’re my favorite. We should hang out more” This attention whore maneuver is a classic bear trap. They reel you in with what you thought was a candid moment. They provide plethora of compliments and flirty actions only for them to ignore your call later and precedes a two day later text about how they missed your message.
*Complimenting these actions with an actual “date” is a recipe for disaster.
by snoopaloop92109 December 07, 2010