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5 definitions by snob impersonator

1) term used to describe someone from scotland. (note: not every1 there rolls their R's and says occh I jimmy al the time)
2) a type of dialect. the scottish language was originally a form of gaelic, from when the irish settled in scotland. That language is rapidly going away and so a form of english is more commonly used in scotland.

the collective noun the "scottish" are a group of people who are born in scotland and face many prejudices from narrow-minded idiots.
seriously, wot is with all the other definitions??? they are completely steriotyped, the people should either get a life or at least VISIT SCOTLAND and see for themselves that the scottish arent all whiskey-drinking, sheep-shagging, kilt-wearing, aggresive pigs.
by snob impersonator January 04, 2005
wen strolling through glsgow on a wonderful rainy day, 1 tends to bump into the very commonly found ned. If one was to further question the incident one would undoubtedly find one's self in a situation of being called a bam or a cunt and so inevitably being given the square goes routine.
posh arsehole: oh sorry ol' chap for walking into you there
ned: 'hink yer gettin' wide? ya cunt?
posh arsehole: i do not understand this "wide" you are reffering to? i do belive i have lost wiegt in the past fortnight or so... chap... care for a cup of tea and crumpets?
ned: shquare goes ya bam
by snob impersonator January 04, 2005
1) a type of indian kabab
2) a word that people use to either enphasis the word sheesh or to show anger whilst cracking a joke. Means "oh my god" or "for fuck sake!"
1)Can I get a sheesh kabab and some popadoms please?
2)example 1:
Person 1:I did your moma
Person 2: sheesh kabab man!

paerson 1:yo' moma's so fat that you need 2 trains and a bus just 2 get on her good side!
paerson 2:sheesh kabab i didn't notice...wow
by snob impersonator January 04, 2005
wannabe chav slang. generally used by tenagers in edinburgh who have to put on scottish accents to look "cool". a word they invented to add to this alter ego is chorey, meaning to "steal". many arguments have sprouted since the formation of this word, as many non-ned-wannabe's still believe that the word chorey along with banter and wido should be banned from being spoken.
chav wannabe: ay I hink u pure choreed ma pure banterful fag ya wido
non chav wannabe: get a life and a vocabulary you sad-ass
by snob impersonator January 04, 2005
originated when cruises to america were popular (think titanic) all of the "upper-calss" people would go Port. Out. Starboard. Back. Basically because this side had the nicest views.
now a good word to describe those who word lick their own ass before touching someone who they think is below them.
the steriotypical snob is english I WONDER WHY THAT IS???
english pricks
by snob impersonator January 04, 2005