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New York's version of the OC. There's wealth, there's drama & everyone is hot and well dressed. Everyone 14 and up is basically perpetually drunk every weekend and summer. If you live in Rye, chances are you are: blonde & blue eyed, pop ur collar, are extremely preppy, think that playland is the trashy home to ur gardeners, play beirut every weekend, a border-line alcoholic and know have atleast three friends with a BMW. Screw the OC, Rye is the place to party!
Sailor: I can't believe Ashley's dad bought her another gucci.
Victoria: Whatever, it's bigger than the last one so atleast she can carry more of our smirnoff.
by snob July 12, 2005
the worlds funiest competition in the world better than football word cup even the OLYMPICS and only exclusive 2 european citizens TAKE THAT USA u suc
the eurovision song contest
by snob November 14, 2003
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