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A phrase, originating from the movie "Antichrist" by Lars von Trier. The main actor is overhearing a fox saying it. We can only suspect he's hallucinating.

Nowadays, "Chaos Reigns" is used to shift a conversation, either concurring with or disapproving of what has been said. Its ambiguity makes it particularly appealing.

1. "Chaos Reigns" can be used to make the speaker aware of the fact that he/she has been creating an entire stage play for his/her thoughts, that must not be necessarily everyone else's real world experience. In a way, breaking the fourth wall.

2. Another usage of "Chaos Reigns" is, to accept a story as to be fucked up beyond all recognition.
Jack: I cannot stand those annoying quote graphics that seem to be on every girl's myspace that begin with "im the type of girl". I dont care! There are millions of people in this country, sorry honey but putting that graphic up along with thousands of other girls doesnt make you seem any more unique to me!
Jill: Chaos Reigns.

Jim: I went to the supermarket and I forgot to get the tooth brush I needed. Dang.
Bill: Chaos Reigns.
by snlr October 11, 2009
A rogue whore.

STOPzilla was a computer program that the user would install on his Windows PC. It acted as if it detected or removed spyware, while all it did was being spyware itself, opening unwanted pop up windows, slowing down the system and so on. It was impossible to get rid of and cost a lot of money.
She lifted her skirt and said "get out of my house you perv" - WTF? She's such a Stopzilla. After I was gone, she called me a million times.
by snlr April 22, 2009
A sexual position between two romantically involved individuals. Often assumed in public - in bars, in parks, on subways. To perform the very pleasant conversation, the partners start by facing each other. Then, one says something pleasant, or interesting, or, if it's the male part, funny, to which the other listens. The roles are then reversed at a rate both partners feel comfortable with.
»So, how did the salad tossing go last night?« – »We had a very pleasant conversation!«
by snlr March 15, 2009
men + grinding
Homophobe at a club: Wtf are u guys doing there on the dancefloor hurr durr.
Dancers: Minding our own business, silly.
by snlr October 17, 2009
When three or more men perform a group hug so that their beer guts are touching, it's a belly hug.
person #1 and #2: "Group hug!"
person #3: (... more like a belly hug.)
person #4: (It's dark in here.)
by snlr December 06, 2009
Not too web-savvy kids, who dump each and every detail about themselves into anything that asks, especially social networks, phishing sites, and strangers.

Resembling Generation X and Generation Y etc., only that Generation Upload's age range is actually 6 to 60.
ordinary Generation Upload dialog:
Web form: Country of origin?
Kid: oh hi my names Jamie and im 24 and I livin Kansas City wheres the upload button?
by snlr November 12, 2009
A beerfix is a glass of beer designed to fix problems with, or update a computer program or its supporting data. Often programmers spend more time and effort finding and drinking beer than writing new code. As a result, after too many beerfixes, a debeering must take place. Beerfixes are easy to reproduce.
ordinary beerfix scenario:
Developer #1: what was the fix again for that case when the directories /storage/ and /kernel/ are accidently, and now all the pages are throwing errors
Developer #2: beer
by snlr November 10, 2009

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