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The name of a store that will go bankrupt and then offer sweet deals only to find out that you just sold your soul to the devil
Hey i went to Circuit City this Week on their closeout sale! Got a good deal but i have the sudden urge to sacrafice a goat.
by snipe1169 March 23, 2009
(1) The word Bookeries is the word you use when you want to group a set of books with other things you need in the school day.

(2)School Books and/or assiociated items.

ex. calculators, pencils, pens, and books
Hey man i have to go get my bookeries from my locker, tell the teach i will come with my books and calculators
by Snipe1169 March 18, 2009
A chair for people that have failed in life...
Steve you have to get off of your bean bag chair and go out to get a job before they repo your house... you lazy bum.
by snipe1169 March 26, 2009
A made up word that you use when loosing in scrabble, that, when asked, is a North American balding ape with a low I.Q.
K.W.Y.G.I.B.O, kwygibo, triple word bonus, and used all of my letters... I win Bitch!
by snipe1169 March 26, 2009
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