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A tea regarded as a Bhutan delicacy.
It contains a number of rare natural herbs that have been used by early settlers for medicinal purposes.

The full list of ingredients: marijuana, cocaine, heroine, hashish, and laced with local cheeses that differ from tribe to tribe. When in the process of creating a Snig, you must not forget the cheese. It is the core ingredient OF ALL SNIGS!
Guy 1:"Hay man, just ran in to some asian"
Guy 2:"was he Bhutanese?"
Guy 1:"yea man, he helped me slip some snigs, already had 6 hits from some snigs today"
Guy 2:"fuck man, how was it?"
Guy 1:"ohhhhhhhh, man, sooo goood. these cheese was exquisite"
Guy 2:"im keen, i'll take 3"
by snig dealer October 18, 2009

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