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smuss: \'sm&-ss\ v. Inflected Form(s): also chiefly dialect to smuss; smussed; smussing
1 a original use: flatten, crush, mess (don't smuss my hair, don't smuss the little bird) 2 a: cuddle, hug, show affection for (come here, i'll smuss with you; look the cat wants to smuss you) 3 a: take care of, show concern (tuck someone in, smuss them when they are sick)
Let's smuss tonight. Let me smuss you. Don't smuss my hair.
by smussyolay August 11, 2006
smussio: \'sm&-ssE-"O\ n. 1 a: object of one's affection. usually reserved for pets, animals with fur, or significant others. (come here little smussio; that is a cute smussio you have; look that little smussio)
What a little smussio. Is he your smussio?
by smussyolay August 11, 2006
smussy: \'sm&-ssE\ adj. Etymology: Jocelynspeak smussy, alteration of smushy, akin to Old High German smoochy, adj., to smudge, he causes to flow, and probably to Latin smoothie, one who behaves or performs with deftness, assurance, and easy competence; especially : a man with an ingratiating manner toward women 1 a: cute, cuddly, sweet 2 a: cozy, comfortable (that sweater is really smussy; that comforter is really smussy) 3 a: furry, fuzzy 4 a less used: sexy, arousing sexual attraction
That's really smussy. That guy is smussy. That sweater is smussy. What a smussy cat.
by smussyolay August 11, 2006

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