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1. something so intense; used in dirty, sexual matters 2. a hot, sweaty, dirty, sexy, powerful, messy, demanding, guy that always gets his way, no matter what. If he wants it, he's getting it 3. a dirty, hardcore sex position; always rough, always leaving you in pain and wanting more 4. a hot mess 5. a look in which given when a hot guy bites his snakebites, squints his eyes at you, and gives you a deathly, "I'm in control, you fuck" look. 5. a way in which a hot guys body sways to a really good song. 6. the smell of cigarette smoke, pot, sex, sweat, and ax

1.you wanna beshaill tomorrow night? 2.Oh my god, you're being so beshaill tonight! 3. Come on, let's beshaill. 4. You smell so beshaill right now.
by smoothsailor13 March 25, 2009

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