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4 definitions by smoothjunk

v. The act of leaving an elevator. -ed, -ing.
The crowd casually disemelevatorated, dispersing to their destinations on the 21st floor of the building.
by Smoothjunk May 20, 2010
2 1
Acronym, meaning: Out On Vacation.

This is typically used in an office or work environment.
"Bob is OOV next week. He's going to France."
by Smoothjunk May 12, 2010
1 0
Verb. To think.
"Let me noodle on that for a minute."
by smoothjunk April 20, 2010
1 6
The act of chewing without the ownership of teeth.
Person #1: "Your grandma can't eat that! It's too hard."

Person #2: "It's ok. She'll just num it to death."
by Smoothjunk May 05, 2010
1 7