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A ass that is round at the top and bottom and pokes out from the back. A shapely butt.
J-lo, Venus and the girls at www.applebottomgirls.net have apple bottoms!
by smooth May 06, 2005
A person who gives head. Giving blowjob
Mahram: I'm such a cocksucker
by Smooth November 19, 2002
Pooya: I always say kossher
by Smooth January 29, 2003
A girl that is into alternative music
This bar is full of indie chicks
by smooth April 23, 2003
No Fucking Clue
-Dude, do u think she shaves her puss?
by Smooth December 06, 2002
Same as Fuck, but a cleaner version.

Invented by reza
Hey what the fook happened?
by Smooth November 20, 2002

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