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Better known as a blow job titty fuck. When a girl with relatively large jugs squishes them together in order to perform the well known titty fuck while giving a blow job
Guy 1: yo man that girl in there just gave me the best blow job
Guy 2: Oh yeah well she gave me a titty fuck
Guy 3: fuck you guys I got a BJTF from her!
by smoochmykitty July 03, 2010
One who appears out of no where. Where they are not wanted by society. Most likely found in a near by park, Mc Donalds, or the school bathroom. Many may offer a piece a piece of gum but it refuses to accept this useful gift. Also likes to stare at food along with inviting them self to events. Well known for eating Doritos and coca cola for breakfast, with a snickers on the side. Brings up unnecessary conversation about their previous blow-job performances on guys that obviously can care less.
A: Damn I'm full
B: Yo girl you can't just finish that one piece of lettuce?
A: Bitch it fell on the floor I ain't eatin that shit
B: Give it to Yamileyka she'd love it
by smoochmykitty July 08, 2010

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