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a glorious combination between two of the best creatures alive - giraffes and jellyfish; yet to be bred with slow lorises (successfully)
Man, I really messed it up this time...

Just hope that the evil girellyfish gods don't come find you!
by smessemsee June 16, 2011
the successful combination of slow loris and girellyfish. it is a beautiful creature and displays traits like ginormous eyes, a long neck, and tentacles (just to name a few), with a skin tone and texture that varies according to the age of the animal. it is found primarily in the rural back country of Chile. (there has never been a reported sighting anywhere near Europe.) it is obviously the ultimate super animal.
What's that a picture of? It looks like a giraffe with jellyfish tentacles for legs and huge eyes like a slow loris.

Oh, that's my pet slorellowfish. It's the most supreme member of the animal kingdom.
by smessemsee June 18, 2011
a term used by athletes who consistantly wear their hair back for convenience during workouts, but for whatever reason, decided that today, they would just wear it down; usually accompanied by a "fuck it" mentality. most commonly found in female athletes.
this also occurs when the athlete forgot to bring or lost any bobby pins, hair clips, etc that they were planning on using.
x: "hey, I heard we're conditioning today, do you want some bobby pins?"
y: "no thanks, I'll just go bangs down, balls out."

x: "wow, I like your hair down!"
y: "yeah, I forgot my hair clips, so I guess I have to go bangs down, balls out today."
by smessemsee October 24, 2011

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