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2 definitions by smellywelly1992

Society for Cutting Up Men, made up of four members with a nickname for each letter. they have a book to record all of the men who have messed them around.
gilr 1: you see that guy over there
girl 2: yeh he's a twat, what about him?
girl 1: im gonna put him in S.C.U.M
by smellywelly1992 October 06, 2007
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typical hot emo guy:
1. black hair (streaks of other colour)
2. side fringe
3. eyeliner
4. skinny jeans
5. peircings (ear stretch)
6. love music
7. very emotional
8. writes music or poems
9. member of a band
10. ocassionaly bisexual
gerard way from my chemical romance

girl 1: i love emo guys
girl 1: yeh but they wear make-up
girl 2: yeh but there really fit
by smellywelly1992 October 06, 2007
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