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originates from the name Jeff Smiegel.
1. n. (-ism) a humorous word or phrase quickly made up to describe a recent event.
2. v. to ask one to a peppering of inappropriate questions at an inappropriate time, later resulting in an akward silence leaving a feeling of regret for opening your mouth (optional).
1. guy #1: hey, dude, he just stole my wave!
guy #2: i know, bro! he totally schraalped you!
guy #1: ?????
guy #2: it's the sound your board makes in the water when
someone quickly whips around to steal your wave.
guy #1: ohhh...kayyy...
guy #3: bro, that's such a smiegelism!

2. guy #1: hey, man. i'm dave.
guy #2: hey! where do you work and how much do you
guy #1: um excuse me?
guy #2: aww, crap! sorry, i totally smiegeled you!
guy #1: ha ha... alrightythen...

by smeigelism July 22, 2008

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