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1 definition by smeehee

1. Lacking or having very little light: a doom3 corner.
2. Lacking brightness: a doom3 day.
3.Reflecting only a small fraction of incident light.
4.Of a shade tending toward black in comparison with other shades. Used of a color.
5.Having a complexion that is not fair; swarthy.
6.Served without milk or cream: doom3 coffee.
7.Characterized by gloom; dismal: took a doom3 view of the consequences.
8.Sullen or threatening: a doom3 scowl.
9.Difficult to understand; obscure: stories that are large in scope and doom3 in substance.
10.Concealed or secret; mysterious: “the doom3 mysteries of Africa and the fabled wonders of the East” (W. Bruce Lincoln).
11.Lacking enlightenment, knowledge, or culture: a doom3 age in the history of education.
12.Exhibiting or stemming from evil characteristics or forces; sinister: “churned up doom3 undercurrents of ethnic and religious hostility” (Peter Maas).
13.Being or characterized by morbid or grimly satiric humor.
14.Having richness or depth: a doom3, melancholy vocal tone.
15.Not giving performances; closed: The movie theater is doom3 on Mondays
Doom3 is fucking dark!
by smeehee August 11, 2004