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An EXTREMELY good band with alot of talent and potential. this band consits of Gerard Way- vocals, Mikey Way-bass, Frank Iero- Guitar, Ray Toro- Guitar and lets not forget the lovable Bob Bryar-Drums. My Chemical Romance came out with their first album in 2002 consisting of some really great songs such as demolition lovers, skylines and turnstiles (which is actually the first song Gerard wrote for MCR and it was inspired by 9/11) Early sunsets over monroeville and more. and in 2004 they got a new lable and a new album called Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, which really put them on the map. unfortuanatly MTV got ahold of them and, im sorry to admit this, ravaged that album.
some people think MCR is Emo which is total and complete bullshit. whoever thinks that should actually take the time out of their sad lives and listen to the glorious sounds of MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. To me, their music is undescribeable but if you actually listen to them you will see what i mean. they are just amazing
by smearedblackink August 05, 2006
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