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the matter of when one runs down the main road of a local park finding himself in the position to let a small 'fluff' go mid run, leading to a small nugget falling from beneath a pair of boxer shorts, through the tunnel of some trackpants and into the small gap lying beneath an ankle and the outer brim of a sneaker.
simon had an un-expected cracklint incidend whilst running toward the swings
#poo #shit #shat #pants #sock #shoe #accident #run #mess
by smashinpiss@10:04am April 18, 2009
when a small kindergarten child finds himself in a life or death situiation involving a mad smomach pain. leading to a rushed trip to the doctor with a result of '' have you tryed urinating''

problem solved
nicks 3rd day in kindergarten turned in to fucking PAINDAGARTEN
#pain #urine #kinder #wee #bad times
by smashinpiss@10:04am April 18, 2009
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