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A tiny town of about 1,500 people. Located about 15 miles from Corsicana, Tx. The population consists of mostly black people, whom think they run the town. If you move to this town, chances are you will not make it out sober. You will either get sucked into drugs, alcohol, or with an STD. Most people only make it out of this town by joining the military. If you stay here you will become a bum, living with all your family members in one household. You will have children during or directly out of high school and live off the government to support them. Most people who move out of Kerens right out of high school will make something of themselves. But if you stay, you will only have dreams that will not come true. This place is also known as the blackhole.
I moved to Kerens and became a loser.

Kerens turned me into a meth head and stole away my family.

Since I live in Kerens, my kids are required to be government babies.
by smart sam August 11, 2010

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