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16-22 yr old female indie-kid from the early 1990s. Listens to Nirvana and the like. Likes to drink and smoke and is quite loud.. Dress code mainly black and wears Doc Martin boots. If a snotface is wearing black tights or stockings you can guarantee they will have large holes in them.
Sexually uninspiring and lacklustre in bed. Male equivalent is called a "Young Weasel." A popular hangout was a pub called the Dome in Tuffnell Park, North London back in early 90s.
Hey man check out that snotface, I bet her knickers stink of stale piss.
by slssfw April 29, 2005
An acronym of feline lipstick engine weasel i.e a cat.
Lipstick engine because the penis elongation process is similar to that of a stick of lipstick being screwed out of it's casing.
Hey, did you empty flew's litter tray this morning ?
by slssfw May 20, 2005
An acronym for Finger Of Fudge Willard.
A guy who has tried his heart out to chat up a girl and get into her knickers for a shag but all he gets for his efforts is a "finger of fudge."
He tried his best to screw her but all he ended up with at the end of the evening was a finger of fudge.
by slssfw April 29, 2005
An acronym of Canine Lipstick engine weasel, i.e a dog
Dude, have you taken clew out for a walk in the park this morning ?
by slssfw May 20, 2005
Translated into Punjabi it means breast.
Man look at the size of that girl's uncles !
by slssfw April 24, 2005
An acronym for Finger Of Fudge Lookins.
A Lookins who readily gets her crack / arse fingered whilst snogging and under the influence of alcohol.
Do you fancy Emma ****** ?
Nah , but she's an enjoyable fofl.
by slssfw April 29, 2005

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