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The hero of Hyrule who is the sexiest game character on earth!!
Link is sooo hott, he can fuck me anytime!
by SLK January 14, 2004
The best TV show ever created. Ferthermore, Nickelodeon should have been sued for taking it off the air.
hey, let's go watch Pete and Pete!
by SLK January 15, 2004
Adjective meaning "east"

Comes from the Latin, "Oriens" = east.

Anything east of Europe is Oriental in the Euro-centric mind. That's why Oriental Rugs come from the Persia, not China.

Oriental is associated with European colonialism in China. Especially a British image of China as once great race, but declined and vulnerable to colonization and subjugation. Negro, Coon, and Mic share similar connotations.
Oriental rugs come from Persia
by slk December 02, 2004
that little green guy with the swirly glasses from Mario and Luigi: Superstar saga. My friends and i call him "the swirly dude". his #1 catch phrase is "I HAVE FURY!!!!!"
yo, what's up Fawfu?!! how ya doin? Long time no see!
by SLK May 22, 2004
better than blondes... smarter and nicer, too. All blondes do is walk around saying, "like, omigod, I'm so totally cool!" When they're really not. I'm a Brunette and I happen to be smart and proud of my hair. and just because you're a blonde DOES NOT mean you have more fun.
look at that dumb blonde... brunettes have WAY more fun!!!
by SLK May 23, 2004
that thing that those fat kids jumped on in the movie "heavyweights"
Yo, let's go jump on the blob!
by SLK May 23, 2004
some gay-ass cartoon bear who hangs around with some gay-ass dog (or whatever the hell it is)named Pongping and goes on dumb adventures with talking animals.
Yo, that dude rupert is gay!!
by SLK May 22, 2004
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