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a realm that exists within every activity where the perp is no good
pinkney - 'weve been playin this footy match for 15 mins and no one has scored yet'

bellis - 'aye'

nathan - 'ya both belong in shitedom, yer crap at fifa'

gav - 'hahahahahahahaha'
by slipperyjoe December 11, 2009
When (generally homosexual) football players fake an on field injury to gain advantage. Usually the "injury" is overacted with much writhing in agony, tears and/or gnashing of teeth. This is always followed by an instantaneous recovery akin to a miracle healing.
The acting of the injury deserves an oscar, hence the term "hollywood".
In reaction to a hollywood display
"fer fuks sake, what a hollywood that dick is!"
by SlipperyJoe February 21, 2012

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