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A drink that is guaranteed either a duey, loss of self control, embarassment, alcohol poisoning, and or death. As opposed to regular Jungle Juice served out of a large styrofoam container, this drink too is out of a styrofoam container but will get u twice as destroyed as Jungle Juice. Follow the steps to make a White Russian except switch out the Vodka for Everclear and add cream till taste is smooth. Continue until container is full enough to make a minimum of at least four girls and two guys pass out. Douse entire mixture with Amaretto to taste. Don a Michael Myers mask, Scream mask or some other ghastly mask and mix with large ladle laughing like a maniac daring anyone to drink it at the party. Hilarity ensues
-What the hell is he doing over there?

-I don't know. Why the hell is he laughing like that and wearing that damn Scream mask?

-Emily's going over there.

-He's pourin her a drink. What the hell is that stuff?!

-He said he was making some stupid ass drink called Pale RiiiiiiiiiGod f'ing damn!!!! She just f'ing passed out!!! Go get her!!

(Deranged laughter in background)

( Pale Rider's Wrath strikes again bitch bahahahaha!!!)

-I'm calling the cops.
by slicstaviczta October 25, 2007
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