19 definitions by slickbillie

When a man reaches under a woman, who is in the doggy style position, and strokes her vagina until she gets wet.
My girlfriend likes it when I give her the slick stroke.
by slickbillie August 16, 2009
A slang term for a gay male who enjoys playing the passive role in anal sex.
If you're looking for a dominant guy, then don't waste your time on him. He's a total spunkbutt.
by slickbillie August 16, 2009
A heterosexual man who enjoys paying for sex with prostitutes. (He bores into the whores with his man drill- penis).
My buddy Jason is such a whorebore. Every Saturday night after the bars close, he's cruising downtown for streetwalkers. The skankier the better.
by slickbillie August 16, 2009
an erection in the pants, clearly visible to others
Whoa, check out that leaping lizard. He needs a date!
by slickbillie August 16, 2009
A Puerto Rican man with an extra large penis (8 inches or more).

Also "doin' the freakin' rican" is a slang term for vaginal penetration in which the penis is too big, or feels too big, for the vagina.

Origin: the commonly held belief that Puerto Rican men, on average, are very well endowed.
My papi is a freakin' rican. He's so big, I can only give him a hand job.
by slickbillie August 16, 2009
a redneck who likes to raise hell: drink heavily, smoke pot, commit petty crimes, and other illegal and seedy behavior.

Used as a term of pride among anti-social poor whites.

While a hellbilly is not necessarily a racist, many have white power sympathies.

Origin: a combination of "hell" and "hillbilly."
Small towns in Appalachia and the Deep South are hellbilly territory.
by slickbillie August 16, 2009
The residue that oozes from a black girl's vagina after you have sex with her. Lube, vaginal fluid, etc.
Lucky I used a condom, or my dick woulda been covered with coco butter.
by slickbillie August 16, 2009
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