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The guy with the coolest chain ever... no need to rap when you have got THAT chain
G G G G G Unit!!!
by Slick February 23, 2004
A person being fisted.
She's hot but kind of kinky. I made her my buttmuppet last night.
by Slick April 20, 2005
saqlap's unusually small penis.
I don't think your girl felt your saq while you were humping her leg.
by slick February 10, 2004
dj trace's record label. very popular drum n bass imprint
the new dsci4 lp is going to be the shit
by slick December 11, 2003
The personification of ace. World-famous race car driver, spiritual leader of the Scuderia, and latent ladies man.
Yo, we has all mad respect for ViatoVao.
by Slick August 12, 2003
a state of confusion and or distress
well i told the officer to fuck off in a state of hugger-mugger induced rage!
by Slick May 27, 2003
\Fensker\ (fe^nsker), n. A person who happily sucks cock when the opportunity presents itself. A Fensker is usually observed in local bar toilets silently masturbating to the sound of other men defecating. Fenskers are brought to ejaculation with the mere thought of feltching. Although it is very common for a Fensker to suffer from Proctophobia they are usually undeterred in the pursuit of the male anal cavity.


adj. The fear of being perceived as gay. Whether gay, bisexual or heterosexual, fenskers are afraid express the physical caring and emotional intimacy they feel for cock for fear of being thought "gay".


The refuse whale blubber, used as manure
Dude I thought he had a small bladder because he is always in the toilet when we go to victory point.

Na dude he's a Fensker!

Dude are you Fensker? No I just like cock.
by slick March 27, 2005

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